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Non-credit courses are offered tuition-free.  There are no private lessons. Participants are instructed in group ensembles and/or teams ranging from beginning to advanced levels of study, regardless of their major field of interest or skill level.

ensemble classes and performance opportunities give students a basis for understanding: music theory and history, ear training, lyrical song-writing and notation.  Participants may choose how to play an instrument or sing a song.  A wide range of genres including jazz, gospel music, rhythm and blues, and classic rock are explored under the tutelage of practicing arts professionals.  Real-time applications include music concerts, recitals and other forms of planned public events.

The teaching methods we use include
online learning curriculum and classroom-based lectures.

Student progress is evaluated based on our observation of their study habits, quality of practice and skill development. Assessments are based on technique, rhythm, theory, listening/ear training, sight-reading, vocabulary/understanding of terms and symbols, and character.

An internship with us will provide you with a good understanding of what it’s like to work in a non-profit organizational setting.  Student assignments may involve idea formation for events, market analysis, fundraising, music performance, media arts and other fun learning opportunities. Lectures, projects, and personal interviews will culminate in an actual public activity or event.

Need and intern?

bible study &
Discipleship Training includes bible study, praise and worship music performance and mission trip opportunities in the domestic U.S. and abroad.  The gift of music is used to build relationships with people who seek God’s love, healing, and power.

Opportunities are limited, but are open to students enrolled in Dynasty Arts’ STUDIO 21 Program.  To sign-up
Discipleship Training
ARTpreneurship Essentials
Do you dream of using your gifts to start a business venture?

ARTpreneurship Essentials is a non-credit course that offers a practical hands-on approach to learning what it takes to deliver effective cultural arts programming and services to the general public.  Preparation for servant leadership, PR, marketing and sales that supports the Pittsburgh, PA non-profit arts community is heavily emphasized.
CCO jubilee
CCO Jubilee Conference is an annual premiere service developed by the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO). Approximately 2,000 college and university students convene with about 50 or so influential and inspiring worship leaders, teachers, pastors, and musicians from a large variety of career and vocational disciplines.

This is a 3-day community engagement activity.  College students enrolled in Dynasty Arts’ Studio 21 Program may contact CCO Staff Associate (Sylvia E. Wallace) for more information.
employment & training