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Whether you are interested in music, dance, spoken word or some other form of creative and performing arts, our team of experts are available to help you develop meaningful artistic skills which may be used to benefit the lives of people you interact with.  Classes include: music theory, music history, song writing, performance, and imaginative literature (lyrical compositions, poems, plays and skits).  Our goal is to enable Pittsburgh promise-ready (high-school aged) students and college students to develop their musicianship skills in both academic and non-academic settings by providing opportunities for them to participate in live performances with local professional artists.  We are supported by individual donors and organizations like Allegheny Center Alliance Church, and the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO); event planners and sponsors of the Jubilee Conference activities (pictured below) – to name a few.  Creating strategic relationships like this builds our capacity to serve as a catalyst for helping students to develop as influential leaders in their communities.  For more information about this and other programs click here ».

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Welcome to the Dynasty Arts website.  We encourage you to visit here regularly if you want to find out about our events, course scheduling details and instructional resources. Dynasty Arts is a non-profit 501(c)3 multi-cultural arts organization that utilizes civic leaders, practicing artists and musicians to teach students about the theoretical and practical applications of music and the arts. Participating students will learn first-hand from the best in the industry about the transformational effects of music on individual lives, communities, and world cultures.  Students may choose to participate in small group ensembles, service learning activities, bible study classes, internships, mission trips and peer mentoring activities.

We view the arts as being a very powerful tool for helping students to stay in school while they pursue their career aspirations or entrepreneurial dreams.  So with that in mind, we offer flexible schedules, efficient course advisors, different levels of study, and easy to follow course materials to help them achieve their goals. Registration fees and donations are handled through secure online transactions connected to this website.  Tuition and other related costs are covered through corporate sponsorships, grants, fundraising events, and individual tax-deductible donations. Program services are offered in partnership with churches, schools, colleges, community service organizations, artists and civic leaders.

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Dynasty Arts Facilitates Transformational Life Experiences Through Music

Proceeds benefit students and professional artists associated with our programs and performances.  

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