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Dynasty Arts’
Minority Vendor Program is a contract procurement service that was established to reduce historic economic disparities that exist for a diverse community of artists.  The goal for this initiative is to actively seek new ways to expand the MVP artists’ fan base, networking opportunities, earned income, and inclusion in arts leadership roles. To achieve this result, we proactively promote creative new works or reinterpretation of existing works for eventual performance, publication or recording.

MVP participants are invited to participate in live performances, special events, classroom-based teaching assignments, web-based instructional training initiatives and more.

Artist Registry is an on-line catalog of digital images documenting the work of musician  and other forms of artisan talent.  Registration is simple.  Click the link below to submit an online application or send your bio and work samples by mail to Dynasty Arts, P.O. Box 5536, Pittsburgh, PA 15206.  Please note that artists materials are not returnable due to costs associated with shipping and handling.
W. Gregory Wallace, 
Program Director for Events
Phillip F. Jones,
Public Relations Director