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Dynasty Arts
Organizational Chart

Advisory Committee                                        

  1.   **Sandra Barlow
  2.   Dr. Vincenne Revilla Beltran
  3.   Dr. Allen Burnett
  4.  *David Lee
  5.   Dr. Kenneth E. Powell                                   

Advisory Committee                                        

  1. **Sandra Carson
  2.  Brian Hickman
  3.  David Gloster
  4.  Brad Smith
  5.  Jaki Young      

Advisory Committee                                        

  1.  S. Rick Armstrong
  2.  Victor Beltran
  3.  Ed Skirtich
  4.  *Derrick Nowlin
  5.  Rosemary Miles
  6.  Intern(s) as needed                                     
**W. Gregory Wallace
V P / Program Director for Events
*Phillip F. Jones
Public Relations Director