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Program Areas

There are three program areas.

TUNE-up and Studio 21 are community-based after-school, summer and Saturday programs that includes tutoring, performance, and mentoring activities primarily related to topics and experiential activities for intercultural learning involving music.

Members of our MVP (Minority Vendor Program) provide teaching, mentoring, performance or online instructional activities for students enrolled in Tune-up and Studio 21.

Music Education



Ages 17 and over

Tune-up is a tuition-free cultural arts education program that seeks to promote healthy life skills and leadership abilities for children ages 16 and under who are “at risk” due to certain personal, environmental or financial disadvantages.  During after-school hours, students can learn how to play an instrument in a group ensemble format.  We teach contemporary music styles that originate in American popular culture. Other course offerings may include: music theory, music history, song writing, music notation and liturgical dance.

Contract Procurement

Musicians & Teaching Artists

MVP ~ Minority Vendor Program is a network of individual artists who work together to create, refine, perform, exhibit and preserve significant artistic works of all cultures and periods. Contractors “for hire” in this program may participate in the production or presentation of published and/or un-published literary works, live music concerts, audio recording sessions, visual artistic launch campaigns, instructional media projects, classroom-based teaching assignments, corporate events, community festivals and more.

Ages 16 and under

Studio 21 is an instrumental music performance program for college and university students who are interested in applied music experience to meet degree completion requirements and enhanced levels of artistic proficiency. Facilitated rehearsals, live public performances, and service learning opportunities are offered regardless of the student’s academic major or music skill level.  Students will gain a working knowledge of how music is used to positively impact the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual conditions of people and societies.  




Applications are accepted year-round.

June -August



Program Dates

It all begins with a song.